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Derek has shut down emotionally, retreating into his work (which requires lots of travel) and into online gambling.Meanwhile, Cindy is desperate to talk, and she finds a compassionate ear in a widower who goes by the username "fearandloathing" in a grief-and-loss Internet chat room.But even though he's adept at sorting through people's online missteps, he's not so good at it with his own flesh and blood.His son, Jason, is one of Ben Boyd's bullies—yet another blow to the father and son's already troubled relationship.In September 2015, Rigo attended Leeds Magistrates Court and was found guilty of voyeurism offences.

If a person was having sex outside of his or her primary relationship - with a neighbor, a coworker, a casual acquaintance, a prostitute, or perhaps a total stranger - then he or she was cheating.But when Derek and Cindy become the victims of identity theft, online security specialist Mike Dixon tracks down fearandloathing and discovers that Cindy's confidant—real name Stephen Schumacher—is actually a savvy thief milking her for information.