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We once landed at Queens on our way to Florida so I guess we can say we've been to NY. I do feel for you when the temperature is as hot as that is expected to be.

We rarely get extremes in the weather - but the British still have it as their number one talking point! I do not have the funds to so, so I just hope one day before I'm too old i'll win the lottery and then I can see the world.

Merion School District officials vowed to enact stronger privacy policies.

Around a.m., the first signs of active labor appeared.

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During an interview with PBS, Dan Ackerman, a vice-principal at a Bronx high school, not only boasted of being able to monitor his students through webcams on their computers (unbeknownst to the students), but demonstrated it live, on camera.To learn more about Amazon Sponsored Products, click here.