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21-Dec-2019 08:22

and tentacles lol just, if you're gonna take 4 months, say you're gonna take 4 months and we'll understand - it's better than saying 'it'll be out soon' every week for 4 months. Otherwise if they are 18 or 19 they are more commonly referred to as ADULTS. I would suggest something other than Teen Titans for your next movie since so many seem to whine about it. What shocks me the most that with this score it will be in the area of top 50... Keep up the good work Zone ------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- -------------- @ Leonard Not Lenny Stop being such a bitch.

Damn, if you would make a real animation without any hentai involved that would be sweet as hell! Gawddamn Zone, you really went all out on this one - truly a Masterpiece of Fapping... I lines you chose were great too because they kept Starfire's personality in it instead of her just looking like her it actual was her in it. This is used to emphasize the fact that they are young, intended to generate larger appeal to the porno. @Zone I think you did smashing good job, especially blending the original TV content with your own. The Graphics were good but what does that matter when a flash portrays something so vile. The author has amazing talent but it is being wasted on such a bad subject. I can understand people making flashes that make fun of hentai, that i'm ok with because we can choose to not look at it, but these people just piss me off.

I would like to meet you in a public place first to see if we are compatible. ""We are Paul and Klara and we are looking for some new and exciting experiences. Klara is bi-curious and is looking find out what it would be like with a woman. My suspicions are that a lot of people don't even plan on meeting anyone. Soon you will be able to tell which ads are serious and which ones are not.

Continue to praise this vile flash and continue to bring the creditbility of newgrounds down... i agree that there wasn't enough boobage in the flash. You definately have tallent and ,dare I say it, I would love to see you do a less adult / more serious flash. :3 OMG notorious what your problem with this Flash go back to your Disneyland and stop talking shit like a old prude American Grandmother, its not Zone's Problem that your only like Real 50 Yeahrs old Womand's.

of course videos of real rape will never be acceptable, know what you're talking about before you start mouthing off. you could barly notice the flash work, so yeah thumbs up! and noes i dont watch heneti, but it was in the top for the week and had to see why, and i think it belongs in the Weeks picks!

I would describe myself as; fun with a sense of humor, outgoing and attractive. Remember you will get lots of "No shows and No replies" but be persistent and you will hook up at some time not too long off if you are diligent in your efforts.

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