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11-Oct-2019 21:43

Perhaps equally important at happy hour, every credit, debit and ATM card on earth still contains this mind-blowing bar trick worthy of the Beer Pong Hall of Fame.

Go ahead, test drive the Luhn formula here, using fake digits from the bogus card below. In the unlikely event that you've given any thought at all to your credit card number, you probably view it as merely a series of random numerals: 16 digits on Visa, Master Card and Discover cards, 15 on American Express cards, and 14 on Diners Club/Carte Blanche cards.

Note that the algorithm used here is freely available across the web even

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It's true: Those seemingly random raised numerals on your card not only contain the account identifiers that banks and merchants need to transact business on your behalf, but a little-known credit card version of the Da Vinci Code that verifies its validity without the aid of computers.

But there is absolutely nothing random about the final digit of your credit or debit card number.

It has been appended as a "check number" or "key" to verify that the card is valid.

Credit Card Validator has a complete database of credit card IINs that are free to browse.

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