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Section30.4, “Fetching by CVS” informs about the ways to retrieve or update the sources for a release, stable or current branch (using CVS).Please always refer to the output of ) and installing the results with minimal effort.There are a variety of ways of achieving the goal of rebuilding Net BSD from source, and this chapter will guide you through the variety of options that are available.

The first word on each line, deb or deb-src, indicates the type of archive.Hence the configuration file of the new kernel may have new entries the configuration file of the old kernel doesn't have, and it might not have entries anymore which are present in the configuration file of the old kernel.To deal with such changes of the configuration file, the configuration file of the old kernel needs to be converted to a configuration that can be used with the new kernel.Caution: To avoid trouble with your sytem, only add repositories that are trustworthy and that are known to work on Ubuntu systems!

A common mechanism for upgrading a Net BSD system to a newer version is by rebuilding the system from sources and installing the results.You have not changed the field schema in the data source, only updated File Maker’s table schema for any new or missing fields.

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