Updating portage tree

11-Sep-2019 14:33

This is a fast and user-friendly tool for retrieving the Ports Collection and is the recommended choice for most users.This utility connects to a Free BSD site, verifies the secure key, and downloads a new copy of the Ports Collection.If a matching package name is found, it's dependencies are calculated, the source code for the package and its dependencies are downloaded and then they're all compiled and installed onto your system.Maintaining the Portage tree You should update your Portage tree on a regular basis (about once a week or so) to help keep your system up to date: Another area of the Portage tree that needs maintenance is the /usr/portage/distfiles directory.Should I use etc-update to update the 27 config files?(seems a bit anoying to me...) ~Progster I must be misunderstanding something.

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The Portage system consists of the Portage tree, the emerge command and the settings in your file.Inside each category are subdirectories for individual applications.

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