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18-Aug-2019 13:33

Again, major news sources are still saying things such as «thousands protest Ahmadinejad victory», which is terribly misleading because it presumes that such a victory occurred.

More accurate would be «thousands (or millions) protest Ahmadinejad’s claim to victory.» Again, protests do not necessarily tell us that any great injustice happened; they just tell us that a lot of people feel that a great injustice happened.

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WARNING: You can potentially brick your Pogoplug following this tutorial. Flashing the u Boot below on any other model of the Pogoplug will result in a brick.If we were to get in the middle of this one, the protests may be seen as illegitimate and Western-backed.Perhaps it would help a short-term outcome, but could also build up resentment among many of the nation’s voters — of which at least one third did vote for Ahmadinejad.Blogon Compatible with Bootstrap 3.x You can use this theme if you have WP Blog Content, However you can use for any content with light layout modification.

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