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11-Sep-2019 16:19

You'll appreciate this if you visit the ancient streets where you'll see shops with their signs engraved in stone.You'll also see medieval sculpted doorways and ancient houses with magnificent lintels.(Interestingly, the "cracks" in the mural had to be re-touched and re-painted by local muralist Lyn Bennett in January, 2008.)The Tehachapi Loop, built in 1876, is located a few miles west of town near CA-58 and is a favorite place for train enthusiasts.

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The wall upon which the mural was painted appears to be cracking open from the force of a historic 1952 earthquake.

In this mural, a train dating from 1952 with a helper engine mounted in the middle of the train is chugging its way up the steep incline.

so highly that it was provided with elite, all-Pullman status (perhaps somewhat surprising considering its regional nature).

Each season offers something special, and Rosu is the perfect backdrop for this ever-changing natural art.

The Tenaya Lodge provides a variety of guided tours and has a spa, climbing wall, and outdoor ice-skating rink.It's an authentic steam train dating from 1909 (well maintained...) with wooden seats in the coaches and open air viewing platforms.

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