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But, there is this voice, right next to you telling you that you can do it. ) but unfortunately done with a directorial hand which betrays a lack of confidence and maturity..we get the point, the blind brother is a jerk, the younger brother is a victim, the parents are insensitive, on and on and on..the "good" characters act nervous/neurotic and/or "authenticity" in America in this day and age I guess.(The film explores the dynamics between two brothers the older(?

See more » Not a bad idea (how often are the disabled looked at with anything other than the most uncritical of perspectives, especially in our current cultural climate of moralistically competitive victim-hood?

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Aber naja, ich habe ehrlich gesagt noch keine genaue Vorstellung was & wie ich mich anziehe, ich wei? So fur ne Hochzeitsfeier kann man sich mal schicker anziehen, nicht?

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