Teen dating advice nervous around guys

25-Aug-2019 05:57

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What happened was that somehow I appeared so nervous when interacting with a guy that he mentioned it a few weeks later but he said that I'm funny (in a good way) but now I feel like a freak because he actually noticed it, it makes me so self conscious that I don't ever feel like seeing him again.

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Somehow I can't and keep dwelling on how much of a loser I am. This way it gives me a little time to calm down and try to settle my voice.We were also talking about shopping and stuff, but we ended up just doing dinner and a movie, and then he walked me to my car.Did he cut the date short and friendzone me because he decided he didn’t like me?

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Should I go ahead and text him to set up the plans he agreed to as friends or did he just say that to get rid of me peacefully? If he was shaking, etc, who knows, he may have some sort of anxiety issues and you might have been his first date ever.I think I might have MILD social anxiety, especially with dating. We all get nervous and I actually would find it rather cute and I would try and reassure the girl so she doesn't spend the whole evening being nervous.