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14-Nov-2019 17:47

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Newland wailed as the judge passed sentence and had to be physically forced from the dock by two female officers.

She said "oh my God" as she was led from the courtroom and could then be heard screaming.

Chester Crown Court also heard how Newland claimed that each time she had met her alleged victim she had parked her car - which the woman had been in before - outside the location.

She said: “She said to me ‘you were stood there with a strap-on on, what have you got to say for yourself Gayle? She didn’t want anything to do with me – and she said I was ‘sick’. She said: “I just wanted to jump off and be hit by the traffic.

They had previously met online when they were 12 and 13.

During the period, Mc Nally used the name of “Scott” as an identity.

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