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01-Nov-2019 23:37

Late last year we covered a very interesting new technology designed to make long distance sex more of a hands-on proposition.

Fri Xion combines social networking and remote hardware control to provide a wide variety of, essentially, remote-operated sex-toys to the lonely, the adventurous, the curious, and the just downright happy-to-do-it however-they-can.

Earlier this week, the House passed 12 bills to combat sex trafficking. "I refuse to accept that men are born rapists, porn users, or johns." "As an academic, a sociologist, and mother, I believe it is the way men are shaped by society," said Dines.

Several of the bills aim to strengthen the State Department's weapons against traffickers, while others fill gaps in current law. "The biggest sex educator of young men today is pornography, which is increasingly violent and dehumanizing, and it changes the way men view women." Dines is not alone in her view.

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159, would use Department of Justice grants to incentivize states to match federal law, which considers "any child who is under 18 and subject to commercial sex trafficking [as] a victim." Likewise, the aide said, H. 285 "is intended to clarify that the existing federal sex trafficking statute...extends to those who advertise children and other victims for sale for sex." These and other measures are critical to helping the nearly two million mostly women and girls who are sex slaves at any one time.

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It affects tenants aged 16-64 who live in social housing and get housing benefit.If the government thinks you have more bedrooms in your house than you need, your housing benefit will be reduced by: Remember, if your housing benefit is reduced, and doesn't cover your rent, you're expected to pay the difference.

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