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04-Dec-2019 11:25

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I was getting a "25010" with "No Update In Progress" error while trying to uninstall one of 3 Sophos items in XP control-panel, apparently this has been a bugaboo for Sophos for quite a while now, judging by various online comments and kb articles.

Turn-off 'on-access' scanning in all of your Anti-virus and HIPS policy.

Sophos Endpoint Protection includes anti-virus, web security, data protection, device control, Exchange protection, simplified security management and much more (note: not all functionality available in all editions).

Application control is built into Endpoint Protection so you can monitor and control what your employees are installing without interfering with their work.

On the machines with errors, the sevice runs but they have the error: Could not find a source fo update packages.

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Managing them is the same as managing a Windows PC.

- The old version of sophos run well - After the Sohos-Management deployed the update, sophos could not update the version on the clients - we build a new OS-Layer by using the unidesk desciption for sophos an deployed it to a desktop - Sophos starts in the new version, but coud not start the "Sophos Anti-Virus" service.

regards Arne We are having similar problems but only on 27 of 75 MM's which is really strange.

Scripts can be uploaded into the JSS using Casper Admin and executed on managed computers using a Policy or Casper Remote.

Actually it is but Win 8 by default alters the standard domain logon that was present since Win NT of pressing “Ctrl Alt Del”.

Restore that and you will again have the option to connect to a VPN prior to logon so you authenticate to the domain, and have group policy and logon scripts applied.