Principles dating sedimentary rocks

24-Dec-2019 12:27

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Anyone who’s read the first three posts in this series is aware that I’ve not only been buried in the things Musk is doing, I’ve been drinking a tall glass of the Elon Musk Kool-Aid throughout. After emerging from the 1990s dotcom party with 0 million, instead of sitting back in his investor chair listening to pitches from groveling young entrepreneurs, he decided to start a brawl with a .

And all of this, it really seems, for the purpose of giving our species a better future. But someone being exceptionally rad isn’t Kool-Aid worthy enough to warrant 90,000 words over a string of months on a blog that’s supposed to be about a wide range of topics.

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Farmers are adopting a voluntary code of practice for handling and applying fertilisers. Agresearch: the life sciences link between the past of pioneering and the better future where our products will improve the quality of life and the environment around the world in a responsible and sustainable way. Landcare Research: Landcare Research is an independent Crown Research Institute which focuses on management of land resources for conservation and for primary production. At that time, about 2000 white men (pakeha) lived in NZ, but its population rose steadily to reach 3.8 million in 1999 (2 million in 1950).

With a surface area of 26.7 million hectares, each New Zealander has 7.0 ha as living space (USA= 940Mha/290M= 3.2 ha each; Holland= 0.2).