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It was the first Anglican Cathedral outside of Britain.

Midnight masses are held in many churches, with music by children’s choirs and carols.

And the best part, you can indulge to your heart's content without having to worry about burning a hole in your pocket.

Times may have changed, but the prices of local food in the city haven't catapulted to dampen the spirits of the people.

Sporting Santa caps, people brave the queues at heritage restaurants like Trincas and Moulin Rouge which offer a lavish Christmas platter with roast duck, turkey and pies.

Park Street also hosts a Christmas Carnival, with melting pot stalls set up by members of different communities residing in the city.

Loss of political power did not alter Kolkata’s economic control and the city continued to prosper until after World War II.

It’s often an ugly and desperate place that to many people sums up the worst of India, yet it’s also one of the most fascinating centers of India and has some scenes of rare beauty.Park Street is Party Street Decked up in lights, Park Street is like an open-air Christmas party with food and drink stalls, live music, and entertainment at nearby Allenby Park.From Christmas Eve, Park Street is pedestrianised – no vehicles are allowed – as celebrating crowds descend to give it a carnival-like atmosphere.Source: Wikimedia , Source: Wikimedia Tucked away in the boring and dreary Said-ul-Ajab locality in Saket, this cheerful little cafe with lovely pastel Victorian interiors is just the place for a quiet romantic Source: climbing India Can anything be better than watching the city drive away in a mad rush while you sit next to your loved one?

A ride on this wheel will allow you to have the perfect experience on your special date.

For Rs 100, you can get yourself a Chicken Biryani Thali, which contains a portion each of Chicken Biryani, Chicken Chaap, Egg, Kebabs and mixed greens on the side.

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