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Some topics are considered unsuitable for conversation - traditional dinner party etiquette says to avoid religion and politics.

Others add money, bodily functions and body odours - the phrase for this is that such topics are not to be discussed in polite conversation or are not for polite company.

For example, a couple might set certain house rules. Some other topics usually considered off-limits — (This is not meant as an exhaustive list, but it covers the most common ones in USA.) @Brian Hitchcock - very interesting and informative lists!

Women's age is not taboo in UK as a point of discussion at all, and 'cars' are talked about often by women here, but there is one subject that seems top of the taboo list (or so I thought) throughout most of the West, including the UK - ill health, or sickness generally, and death/ mortality.

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).: 1: lack of discretion: imprudence 2 a: something (as an act or remark) marked by lack of discretion b: an act at variance with the accepted morality of a society see, Merriam-Webster indiscretion impropriety You've already had unmentionable in the comments. If something is in the background of a conversation but not directly mentioned because it's a too sensitive topic then you might even call it the elephant in the room.

I never heard about sex education being treated as taboo.

Nevertheless, it was not amongst those conversations I had with my teachers at school or with my parents at home while growing up in Africa.

"Most Africans shy away from sex education and it leaves young people experimenting by themselves" he says.

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David explains that left to their own devices, many people get into problematic situations, and some even lose their lives as a result. Did parents talk about it sex to their children or is it considered a taboo subject?However, my mother did encourage me when I was approaching puberty to bring home my girl friend whenever I happen to have one...