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20-Aug-2019 19:33

Nichkhun can’t control his face when he is around Tiffany. It’s been confirmed with quite a few Korean sources but is not widely known in the International fandom.You may ask why make a tumblr sharing Khunfany moments if they’re suppose to be secret? Most people don’t see shipping as real (only imaginative) so there’s no harm in it.

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[ 306, -32] Nichkhun and Tiffany have been dating for three years now. [ 250, -43] I doubt Soshi and 2PM are still dating each other ㅋ They already dated when they were at their hottest in the past ㅋ 2PM's probably on the hunt for younger female idols and Soshi for rich, popular male actors ㅋㅋ It did surprise me that Tiffany and Nichkhun were dating though ㅋㅋ8.

From necklaces to cellphone chains, passport cases and cellphone decorations, Tiffany and Nichkhun have shared the same items as captured in pictures.

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