Navy dating policy

01-Dec-2019 23:44

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The first step in answering this question requires an understanding of the military’s prohibition on adultery.

Now I see things a little differently, so here are the 3 biggest myths I believed when I was a mid. I had some story that dating girls at the academy wouldn’t make me “cool” so I had it that this wasn’t a myth. Saying you shouldn’t date other midshipman is like saying black people shouldn’t vote.

I get it, and I partially believed this too while I was at the academy. It’s an old belief that’s way out of date and was never true to begin with.

Article 134 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice makes criminal the act of adultery when certain legal criteria, known as “elements,” have all been met.

There are three distinct elements to the crime of adultery under the UCMJ: first, a Soldier must have had sexual intercourse with someone; second, the Soldier or their sexual partner was married to someone else at the time; and third, that under the circumstances, the conduct of the Soldier was to the prejudice of good order and discipline in the armed forces or was of a nature to bring discredit upon the armed forces.The first two elements of adultery under the UCMJ are fairly straightforward and shouldn’t require further explanation.