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Murilo Benício Ribeiro (born 13 July 1971) is a Brazilian actor.He is one of Brazil's most renowned actors, mostly having lead roles in several works.This is hardly the only thing about their relationship that she finds stifling, and when Isabella discovers Tonino in bed with another woman, she leaves for America, where with the help of cross-dressing friend "Monica" (Harold Perrineau Jr.), she becomes a star as the host of a TV cooking show, Passion Foods Live.Woman on Top was the first American film from Venezuelan director Fina Torres.He gets all the funniest lines and steals most of the scenes in which he appears. Either sweet and romantic, as an entertaining love story. The cast does a good job and the atmosphere and setting are all very romantic.I don't think they did anything wrong, except hold back on the belly laughs.

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He has also starred in O Homem do Ano (2003) (Man of the Year).

All through this dismal love story, I kept waiting for something to happen that would catch my attention or generate that spark which all great movies possess.

An hour after the movie ended, and I'm still waiting. It's simple story of a young Brazilian girl with magical cooking powers, who leaves her cheating husband to come to San Francisco and ends up starring on her own sexy cooking show, was fairly entertaining.

Even President Dilma Rousseff – a fan of the series – was reported to have cleared her schedule and, some speculated that aware she would be unable to compete with the drama, pulled out of a local election rally in São Paulo.

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As up to seventy percent of TV audiences have been tuning into the soap since it started in March, and Brazil’s national power grid had braced itself for a big surge in demand as the show kicked off.By Ben Tavener, Senior Contributing Reporter RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – The biggest novela (prime-time soap opera) of 2012 in Brazil, Avenida Brasil, brought the country to a standstill on Friday night, as half the country tuned in to watch the grand finale of the most successful whodunit in recent times.