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Despite their inexperience, they were urged to play live shows by fellow Pratt alumni from the band, Japanther.

Matt and Kim also gained significant publicity for their music videos.

The video for "Yea Yeah," which depicts the pair being hit with food from their refrigerator, has been considered one of the initial catalysts for their rise in popularity.

In April 2009, the band released the controversial music video for the song "Lessons Learned." The video depicts the two completely disrobing in New York City's Times Square and is shot in a single take. They released their third studio album, Sidewalks, in November 2010 on the Fader Label.

What neighborhood do you live in and where are your favorite Brooklyn hangouts? The funny thing is that when we’re actually in town, we hardly ever leave, because we spend practically every night of the year going out because we’re on tour. We find ourselves at that place, it used to be called Lulu’s, now it’s called Lost and Found, in Greenpoint — my brother bartends there. No, we’ve been lucky enough so that for the last couple of years we’ve only done the band. It’s your relationship, an artistic endeavor and a small business — is that a challenge? Through some absolute miracle of sorts we still get along, even after spending so much time together. Classically, one of our weirdest ones (but in a really good way) was when we played at an art camp for 8- to 14-year-olds.

And for some reason Planet Thai, when we want to go out to eat, is the one restaurant we always want to go to. But we finally got a full-size bed and that was one step toward success. Any other relationship I’ve been in never would have worked out like this. When parents are trying to understand what you mean when you’re in a band and you’re only two people, the White Stripes come up and they say, “Oh, oh, the White Stripes, I know about that.” They really make parents able to understand what a two-person band means. I can’t begin to pinpoint, there have been so many, like 500 shows. We were setting up to play in their auditorium and we just heard this banging at the auditorium doors and I look over at my glass of water and it’s sort of shaking, like a kind of thing and the doors just blow open and 300 little kids come in screaming.

He first roleplayed as drow warlock Trellimar Aleath in High Rollers: Lightfall.

Their second album, , drops today and they’re kicking off a new tour Friday at Music Hall of Williamsburg, so we got Matt to answer 10 burning questions (or 11, if you count our special trivia question below). What’s it like being in a couple and playing in a band together?The pair generate untold amounts of smiles and sweat with their drum-and-keyboard live shows, and the release of their new album (out earlier this month), opting to keep things lean and loose. I feel like she likes beating the hell out of the drumset and not worrying about having to sing along. Well, it's not that I had to talk her into singing for the album, but when I remind her that she'll have to sing it on stage, then that's when the talking-into-it happens.Such is the untamed energy of Matt & Kim that the pair started working on it almost immediately after they wrapped up touring for their 2010 release . We were lucky enough where we could buy a house, so we bought a house, just a mile or so away. She likes to sing, but when she realizes that she has to do it on stage then she kind of wants to pull out of doing it on the album so she doesn't have to do it on the stage. It's two very different things with live music and recorded music, and they don't have to be identical.So, I mean the thing is while touring, we don't get to write a lot. But then there's the other 22 and a half, 23 hours that becomes the part that becomes tiring. We're human, but in the end we'll finish a tour after being on the same bus for a couple of months and we'll get home and be like "Alright! Speaking of going home, you recorded in your apartment on Grand Street. I think about things Diplo's produced like "Look at Me Now" or, um, what, that recent Usher song [“Climax”], which are both incredible, but just have so little happening.

You and Kim live together and you're basically around each other every minute. But everything that happens is intentional and important.

In the last five, six years or so I feel there's been no break. People have to recognize that there are another 23 hours in the day that isn't that hour on stage, and that's what gets really exhausting. And we'll be frustrated at different times and every now and then -- basically once a month -- there'll be a note on the bus door that says "I'm having that time-of-the-month. Right as we finished that album we moved out, and it felt like the end of an era. And it's interesting -- you've said that you're trying to put less stuff on the songs and have this album be more stripped down, as opposed to a lot of bands who end up adding more and more production stuff as they go along.

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