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A marriage that is entered into in good faith, but which is subsequently found to be void, may be recognized as a putative marriage and the spouses as putative spouses, with certain rights granted by statute or common law, notwithstanding that the marriage itself is void. Goda the distinction between void and voidable marriages arose in the context of a jurisdictional dispute between the civil and ecclesiastical courts.The civil courts held jurisdiction over property matters, while the church retained jurisdiction over the validity of marriages.Where husband, in process of dissolving marriage, made will that did not contemplate remarriage and did not indicate intent that it survive remarriage and husband, before remarriage, did not make agree­ment creating excep­tion to revoca­tion under this sec­tion, will was revoked by remarriage. The result reveals relationships in the code that may not have otherwise been apparent. Each listed item refers back to the current Section in its own text.A void marriage is "one that is void and invalid from its beginning.It is as though the marriage never existed and it requires no formality to terminate." A marriage, however, which can be canceled at the option of one of the parties is merely voidable, meaning it is subject to cancellation if contested in court.Common reasons for a court to find a marriage void ab initio are that the marriage is incestuous, polygamous, a same-sex marriage,1.

You can then distribute the property as you desire, making sure to include your spouse in the beneficiaries.

The affidavit must be made before an officer authorized to administer oaths under the laws of the state in which the affidavit occurs and must be evidenced by the officer's certificate, under official seal, attached or annexed to the will in substantially the following form: Any person who, at the time of execution of the will, would be competent to testify as a witness in court to the facts relating to execution may act as a witness to the will.

Subsequent incompetency of a witness is not a ground for denial of probate if the execution of the will is otherwise satisfactorily proved.

If you don’t include the contemplation of marriage provision in your will, you should draft a new will immediately after your marriage.

Divorce normally does not invalidate your will altogether.

However, since the law requires that the spouse be entitled to at least one year’s support from the deceased’s state, your husband or wife will get precedence for one year’s financial support stemming from the estate over all other beneficiaries of the will.