Kuwait expatriate dating Chitchat chatline

21-Jan-2020 04:56

The way you are treated in Kuwait is directly dependent on which place/country you are from.

Expats from one country might be treated differently compared to another in preference to their Race/Religion and country as I had already mentioned.

Like the jockeys - who were replaced by mechanical dummies - expats are facing the axe from their roles in Kuwait amid an anti-expat backlash in the oil rich state.

In response, the government has announced it will gradually decrease its dependency on foreign workers.

There are about 350,000 Kuwaiti workers, although 80 per cent of them work in government jobs where salaries are typically higher.

This presents a huge challenge to Kuwait business leaders in replacing its foreign workforce with locals.

You don’t see women in hotshorts or crop tops when walking around malls.

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You can also get in touch with all the members of the Kuwait network.So, get to know these things before you travel to Kuwait; The expat scene in Kuwait now compared to about a couple of years ago does not look very good.

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