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Dot donned her Englewood High gym suit to do the Ox Dance, and took in the circus. So Hal, Ginny, Jim and I went to see if we could bowl. is to be enlarged and modernized [...] The Lytton's [...] has been leased for 20 years at a guaranteed rental of ,000.Came home, and who should be over but Johnny (sailor) and his younger brother Bob (17) from Gary, Ind. 6'2 with a gorgeous physique, although he was quite bashful. It was closed, so went to Karson's and had pie and coffee. [It] will be completely air conditioned and will have an acoustically treated ceiling first floor. Original BBC radio broadcasts V-E day was really special as we knew the War was winding down and all the servicemen stationed in Europe would be coming home and that they were safer, too.

a sad nation mourned when President Roosevelt passed away... Dot, Sis and Sunny went to see that “adorable man”, Woody Herman...

Prior to the show's start, the beauty queen was not aware she was to be dating "average" men.

She was instead led to believe her show was going to feature only handsome suitors.

When the attractive suitors show up, there were also competitions between the rival groups of men.

At the end of every episode the beauty votes to send a certain number (usually four) of the men home.

Went home and met Totten, so he and I went back to Parnell and called up Viola and Ginny. Hal and I had a Cherry Coke and talked about marriage. Goofed around till and then walked home.”FISH FURNITURE TO ENLARGE ITS 63RD STREET STORE: In addition to the four-story and basement building which [Fish Furniture] will build for Lytton & Co. Nazi General Alfred Jodl signs an unconditional surrender at Reims, France, ending Germany's participation in the war. Dot and I didn't have any friends over there, but a lot of our relatives did.