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By Deputy Dog on Friday, March 07, 2008 - pm: Years ago, I was a Deputy Sheriff. The cylinder head is a low head from about 1914 - 1917, so it is not original to this engine. the body was constructed probably about 12 years ago.We used a battery charger clamped to a cotton ball, soaked in sulfuric acid to raze serial numbers on stollen guns and cars. If you weld over the old number before grinding it smooth and restamping, the old number is gone forever! The truck body appears to be home made from plywood, in a pleasant style. the guy we bought it from said that the body that was on it was completely rotted out except for the dash and wood frame underneath.


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The worst that can happen is that you don’t get on in the slightest and sit in silence for twenty minutes before they do a runner out of the bathroom window – and really, that means not only are you better off without them in your life, but you have an awesome anecdote to tell at parties.For your convenience, many subscription based sites renew your membership automatically until you cancel.