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This guitar is a keeper on the level of the old 150 Stereo. I actually owe the knowledge that led to this to the thoroughly right guy, member here Canon Mutant. Most millennials haven't the slightest clue who Hagstrom were or are, the history behind the instruments, etc.

{{Information |Description=Hagström guitar and amplifier *Guitar: Hagström II N OT serial no.

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tons of places have them on their websites but none actually have them... I found ONE, a prototype made for Gibson's dealer in the UK (Rosetti) at the launch of the line which, after telling the seller in Glasgow that they had no more and couldn't get more, remembered they had stashed away in the warehouse? I scoured Sweden, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy...

I got a great price, a decent Stagg tweed Les Paul case thrown in.

The retailer knew little about the line so thought I might not want it since it was used at a Musikmesse show for two days, so he lowered the price and sweetened the deal w a case!!! It was either this or a ,000 long scale CS Gibson Long Scale Les Paul Standard..

This thing just glows with that patina of a high end instrument. and quite frankly I think this is probably the better instrument. Here the family was all lined up on the couch (it's definitely been a year of Hagstrom itch scratching... my array of guns And the Carvin booted the HIIN OT out of the way to make room for the next guitar, the Korina CS 6But the pickups on this new guitar are phenomenal. I wasn't really looking to buy another guitar, especially my third one in a row of the same brand (people will think I'm a kook) but the HIIN OT was too good to be true in hardtail (anyone who chases old classic era Swedish Hagstroms knows they take forever to find, even longer in immaculate shape like that one...

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Since buying the Super Swede w the 3 P90's I knew I wanted a Northen Super. I spent two weeks scouring around to find one with a traditional sunburst on a flamed top... This may be the last Northen Super Swede coming out of Europe.

Perhaps we can find who has the earliest and the latest serial numbers once and for all?

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