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16-Sep-2019 18:43

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She added that anything "Grandpa" said on the radio was a lie because she got much love while on the cruise ship. Someone needs to put that Rabid fox outta her misery! Go to Belize and if you get it twisted there..will cut you up and scatter you all over the plush mountains!

She claims they are starting drama and talking -ish behind her back. Read the tweets below: Yep foxy was kicked off for acting up LOL. She acts like its somones privledge to be in her grace. Well Tom was doing her a favor but as usual, Foxy got to be a fool.

Foxy said she felt a little insulted by some of the questions and comments that came from the crew during the interview.

She added that anything "Grandpa" said on the radio was a lie because she got much love while on the cruise ship.

Live from the seven-one-eight y'all; Murder City [Shyne] Lay down nigga (It's the Ill Na Na) Cut ya dick off put it in ya mouth y'all understand? Muthafucka hit the yard up Comm stop Mid-State Brooklyn niggaz squad up I'm hot steppin in the pink staline seven I'ma stunt till BIG tell me there's a ghetto up in heaven See through niggaz take they time like a man We don't snitch we don't sing on the stand but y'all don't hear me though..

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Many of his comrades who were around him when times were high had dispersed. "Everybody loved him at that moment when he had a hit record with Barrington Levy. Then, boom — here comes the shootout at Club New York, and everybody quickly disappears. You don't understand.' " Foxy's words were the icing on the cake Shyne needed for his first single, "More or Less." A week later, Foxy was back in the studio laying vocals for another Godfather song, "The Gang." She actually gets to spit full rhymes on this track. I'm sorry but I believe Tom probably brought up some of her past troubles, joked about it, clowned her in front of people and she probably got tired of it. The black community has no problems forgiving black men for the screw-ups and NOT bringing them up but when it comes to black troubled women, they need to be hounded.

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