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12-Oct-2019 13:11

It's quite handy when you need to quickly minimize or hide the status bar and the formula bar for a large working area. It is inevitable that lines or columns will be misread when we check for formulas or data in a worksheet with a large number of rows and columns.Excel depends on analysis of the input arguments of a Function to determine when a Function needs to be evaluated by a recalculation.I am trying to use an Excel workbook that has links to Bloomberg data in. I then want to ensure that when I send this workbook to someone that they can use the sheet without a Bloomberg terminal connection.The user without the Bloomberg feed has set calculations to manual in Excel however when they try and save the workbook it automatically tries to update the fields and gives #NAME errors in the fields where Bloomberg values should be.This is required to make the UDF be finally calculated in the correct dependency sequence.

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This box allow you to enter a name and description for your macro if you wish.Is there a way to stop Excel from trying to refresh the Bloomberg links when the workbook is saved?