Error consolidating itunes library No premium free live sex chat

14-Jan-2020 13:05

You can bypass this issue entirely by cutting and pasting your digital music files into the folder named "i Tunes Music" before you transfer your music into i Tunes.

Navigate to the file or folder you want to transfer and select it.

Instead, it's more like a big directory of music that knows where every music file is stored on your hard drive.

When you double-click a song to play it, i Tunes goes to the place on your hard drive where it expects to find the file.

Now that you know what causes the error, how do you fix it?

But actually, it is a very straightforward process. Decide whether you want i Tunes to automatically copy your digital music files to an i Tunes folder.The exclamation point appears next to a song when i Tunes doesn't know where to find the MP3 or AAC file for that song.