Diggy dating 2016

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He was born in the year 1995 on 21st of March and this makes his age only 20 at this time.

At this age he has already achieved so many things as a rapper and he is always thriving for more.

Ryan Mc Cartan and Dove Cameron have been dating for three years and they are undoubtedly the most adorable couple in Disney Channel history.

Which is why they're both bombarded 24/7 with questions from fans about their relationship on Twitter. In fact, he's more than willing to answer them every once in a while.

Ariana Grande and Mac Miller are going very public with their relationship -- sucking down sushi and each other's faces, and we got the pics.

The couple hit up Katsu-Ya in the Valley Sunday night and couldn't keep their hands off of each other -- kissing and giggling through the meal.

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However, Choose-A-Rooney was filmed before they got engaged. Both, Maddie and Diggie are the captain's of the Porcupines basketball teams. I really feel like this is something I have to go do! Diggie: Maddie, wherever you are is where I want to be. Soon after, in BFF-A-Rooney, they officially started datings, as Maddie calls Diggie her boyfriend. which then means that we can't spend the summer together. After Maddie gets accepted to Junior Olympics in Flashback-A-Rooney, it is revealed in Premiere-A-Rooney that Diggie left for a year abroad in Thunderbania. When they went into the audition room and did the scene everything changed. On September 2015, The pair announced that their band was to be called the Girl and The Dreamcatcher and a release date of their single Written In the Stars.

Ryan took Dove's hand and looked deep into her eyes and suddenly they were both super into each other! He took her out to dinner, frozen yogurt, and they went to this place in Hollywood called Bourgeois Pig and got some cider. Before the end of 2015 they also released two Christmas covers: "Have Yourself a Marry Little Christmas" and "All I Want For Christmas is You." Along with music videos for those.

It was a Disney Channel shipper's dream come, especially since none of the past Disney Channel couples ever made it down the aisle (RIP Zanessa, Niley, Nelena, and Jemi).