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03-Oct-2019 07:16

This article lists all the fixes included in the Delphi and C Builder XE Update. [QC Short Description] At start up Messages window will show an error [QC Description] Messages window will show an error like: Error executing 'C:\Program Data\Setup.exe': The parameter is incorrect or Error executing 'C:\Program Data\Setup.exe': The window does not have scroll bars Delphi 2010 Trial Platform is Win7 RTM 64 bit QC Entry 77001 [FT] Start up Delphi 2010. In Unit2.pas, press Enter to move the constant declarations down a line. // act: IDE navigates to Unit2.pas, but does not go to the right line number. Press Return --------------------------- Error --------------------------- Access violation at address 00000000. --------------------------- OK Details [QC Short Description] wsdl import fails in d2010 but worked in d2007 [QC Description] Upgraded from RAD Studio 2007 to 2010 and find that an import that worked in d2007 fails in d2010. It doesn't matter if the function currently has a var section or not. DLL ---------------------------------------- Borland.

dbgrid row cannot be located for updating-54

dating like 1960s

The displayed table is equiped with sorting and pagination functionality.

PGNPUpdate: added code to set product version correctly after a successful update (in the Programs and Features).

PGNPUpdate: fixed bug that resulted in inability to update product from some recent releases. Fixes for better compatibility and stability when working with SQL Server 2016.

In order to selectively display attributes with different formats, we may configure the CGrid View::columns property.

Fixed bug in Rowset Fast Load resulting in errors when inserting NULL values and some special characters in Redshift and Greenplum. Fixed bug in returning tables schema in Redshift when called from VS2017. Added more profiler comments for the Redshift bulk import.

Redshift: added support for the S3 server side encryption (connection string parameter AWS_S3_HEADER). Fixed bug in handling SELECT col AT TIME ZONE 'UTC'.

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