Dating themasculineman comprivacy policy

31-Aug-2019 11:58

Physical strength has its place, but being a man has to do with so much more, such as developing strong mental, emotional, spiritual, and relational characteristics. Certainly, things have changed in the last ten to fifteen years in terms of the cultural openness to men expressing an emotional side.However, boys are still likely to be reared in a model that precludes men displaying or verbalizing emotions (other than anger).

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The problem is that too many guys take on the feminine role in the interaction or relationship.

As children, boys experience a wide range of emotions, yet somewhere along the line, they learn that men suppress emotions and remain calm, cool and collected at all times…even in the midst of crisis.

The transmission of this model is often through their fathers.

So, let me tell you, that in your relationships, it really does pay to emphasize your feminine traits.

Get the latest updates and bonus material in our private community. Partially because of these differences, boys grow up learning a distorted view of masculinity.

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