Dating idiots

17-Nov-2019 05:12

It’s something all guys care about when they’re starting this process. I didn’t pick up on it at the time, but as I look back it’s almost impossible to ignore: the biggest issue guys had was with the looks of the girls they were dating. Women who are ten feet high, skinny as twigs, with the rest of the body “enhanced” with Photoshop. Imagine you spend every day with a person you love. You notice the way she laughs when you say a funny joke, the way she kind of hiccups at the end.The one moment that will really radically change your life forever. They found a girl they really liked, but, ugh, they just weren’t attracted to the poor thing! Men have been taught to think a certain standard is attractive, and it’s skewing their vision of women. Or you notice the way her nose looks like a bunny’s nose when she’s upset.

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I think the vast majority of men in the world misunderstand the nature of attraction.

I found this book to be current with this new trend.