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21-Jan-2020 12:55

Most people know what writers and directors do, but what about producers?

In TV and radio comedy the producer is the best job: you generate the ideas, work on the script, cast the actors – everything down to doing the coconut shell sound-effects. A director can blame a terrible script, but a producer has no excuse.

Idina Menzel recently revealed that she and Kristin Chenoweth were told they were too old for the upcoming “Wicked” movie.

And sometimes, recasting is inevitable: By the time “Chicago” made it in front of cameras after a protracted development process, it was more than 25 years since the original Broadway production.

Just please remember to stay on topic and keep an open mind. Lolo will be in Vancouver this week for independence day celebration... Last days of taping na sila for "Four Sisters and A Wedding".I get the best of both worlds, really, because I direct ads, which is the fun bit there, and I produce telly, with brilliant guys like Ian Lorimer on , to do the hard work of multiple-camera directing. The producer makes the map of the journey, but he doesn't build the boat or trim the sails.