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Sirius Black, a wizard who was imprisoned for murder, has escaped Azkaban Prison.

Black is believed to be so dangerous that even Muggle TV news reports are issuing warnings about a dangerous fugitive.

The existence of similar works produced by fan fiction writers also suggests the work is genuine.

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Black breaks into Hogwarts on Hallowe'en, but when the Fat Lady bars him from entering the Gryffindor common room (he does not know the password), he slashes her portrait and escapes.

Shortly after, in Potions class, Draco Malfoy taunts Harry about never seeking revenge on Sirius Black, though Harry is confused about what he means.

In the early stages of Book 3, he has escaped and no one doubts he is trying to kill Harry Potter.

Sirius is only briefly mentioned in the opening chapter – Rubeus Hagrid has borrowed his flying motorcycle to bring baby Harry Potter to his new home, Number 4, Privet Drive.He’s finally immersed in a place that celebrates one of his favourite things since becoming a wizard.