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He called it the Oedipus or Electra complex — when a person married someone like his or her mother or father.Mothers and fathers are generally our first love objects, and this theory suggests that sons and daughters model after the parents of the same sex by selecting partners similar to the one the parent selected (i.e. Another psychodynamic theory is the Ideal Mate Theory.Choosing a mate is a problem that humans share with most other animals because successful reproduction is central to natural selection. "sociosexuality and romantic partner choice." journal of personality 60(1):31–51.singh, d. "female judgment of male attractiveness and desirability for relationships: role of waist-to-hip ratio and financial status." journal of personality and social psychology 69(6):1089–1101.taylor, p. Peahens choose among the most attractive peacocks, female elephant seals pick males who have already attracted large harems, and even promiscuous chimpanzees exercise choice about the other chimps with which they will be promiscuous. of people's diverse experiences of marriages, families, and intimate relationships. 245Sociological Perspective 246The Meaning of Marriage 247Marriage as a Commitment 247Marriage as a Sacrament 247Marriage as a Legal Contract 250Some Legal Aspects of the Marriage Contract 251Change and Continuity in the Meaning of Marriage 255Provisions of the Modern Marriage Contract 255The Marriage Contract Today 256Marriage Traditions in the United States 257The Wedding 262Marriage and Gender 265"Her" Marriage 265"His" Marriage 265Transitions and Adjustments to Marriages 266A Typology of Marital Relationships 266Heterogamous Marriages 267Interracial Marriages 267Interethnic Marriages 273Interfaith Marriages 274Marital Satisfaction, Communication, and Conflict Resolution 275Successful Marriage 275Effective Communication 276Self-Disclosure 278Conflict and Conflict Resolution 278Supporting Marriages and Families 279Summary 280Key Terms 282Questions for Study and Reflection 283Additional Resources 284Reproduction and Parenting 285Historical Overview: Fertility Trends in the United States 287Current Fertility Patterns 288To Parent or Not 289The Costs of Parenthood 289The Benefits of Parenthood 289The Social Pressures to Procreate 290The Child-Free Option 290Delayed Parenting 291Controlling Fertility 292Contraceptive Use 292Reasons for Not Using Contraceptives 293Abortion 293Historical Perspectives 294Race, Class, and Age 295Public Attitudes toward Abortion 296Infertility 296Causes of Infertility 296Consequences of Infertility 297Medical Treatments and Reproductive Technology: Implications for the Meaning of Parenthood 297Artificial Insemination 297Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) 298The Choice to Parent 299Conception 300Multiple Conception and Births 300Sex Preference and Selection 301Pregnancy 302Prenatal Development and Care 302Prenatal Problems and Defects 303Expectant Fathers 306The Cultural Double Bind 306Parental Adjustments, Adaptations, and Patterns of Child Rearing 307Parental Roles 308Gender Differences in the Experience of Parenthood 311Styles of Parenting 312Race and Class 314Lesbian and Gay Parents 320Single Parents 321Teenaged Parents 324Supporting Parents and Children 326Summary 327Key Terms 327Questions for Study and Reflection 328Additional Resources 328Evolving Work and Family Structures 329The Work-Family Connection 331The Transformation of Work and Family Roles 333Variations by Race, Gender, and Marital Status 334Reasons Women Work 334Work and Family Structures 334Traditional Nuclear Families, Including Stay-at-Home Dads 334The Two-Person Career 335Dual-Earner Families 336Commuter Marriages 336The Impact of Work on Family Relationships 337Marital Power and Decision Making 337Marital Happiness and Satisfaction 338Husbands and the Division of Household Labor 339Child Care 342Inequities in the Workplace: Consequences for Families 345Occupational Distribution 345The Race-Gender Gap in Earnings: Good News and Bad News 346The Union Difference 347Sexual Harassment 348The Economic Well-Being of Families 349Economic Uncertainty: The Widening Income Gap 350Who Are the Poor?

Dating, for the most part, is going out with friends, male and female together. Boys and girls go to separate schools so they don’t usually …

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