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23-Sep-2019 08:46

Food for Thought The way Dot and Jim worded their ad gives the impression that they want an attractive, youthful woman who will fall in love with both of them at about the same time and remain in love with both of them equally.Readers might even infer from the wording that the woman they are looking for might have to forgo having romantic interests (including a mate separate from their triadic relationship) or a family of her own from their seeking a single woman and not being open to couples.

logical blunders the polyamorous should avoid (where you are now) 6. Yes, our search options dictate that if you consider yourself poly and/or are involved with another person sexually, you must be open to another person that is also similar. Those couples collectively want another woman to join them, but imagine that entirely UNLIKE themselves, the woman in question should NOT be even casually dating anyone else currently. (Are you able to identify the logical boo-boo here?

We’re not interested in a fling but in growing a deeply emotional, closed triad with the right single bi woman.

She should be attractive, open minded and flexible” “Our pictures here are recent; we are attractive and have a youthful outlook on life. ) While we’re not obsessive, we do exercise regularly and generally try to take care of ourselves. Our family and friends are very vanilla so discretion is important to us.” “Please respond with recent pics. Please, absolutely no email from men or couples; we will not respond to them.” Dot and Jim seem like sincere, nice people but there are some things that they should know and discuss before embarking on the adventure of adding a bi woman to their relationship.

The only steadfast rules of poly are the same rules that apply to any relationship... Ethical polyamory includes transparent communication, authenticity of self, and an openness to others' wants and needs.

Beyond that, polyamory is completely customizable according to your comfort and experience.After 10 years in various poly relationships, I've learned a lot of things; many of which would have made a big difference in how I approached this lifestyle if I'd known them when I was still a poly newbie.

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