Consolidating data warehouses

02-Jan-2020 02:35

Alooma is an integral part of many components in your ETL process (source data, data pipeline and transformation, data store, and business intelligence layer).However, Alooma is only as good as integrations and targets it is connected with.Our query, OLAP, and reporting services include: Performance Management Tantus provides a variety of performance management techniques to ensure our services are properly addressing the needs of our clients.

Other sources like pushing data via our SDKs or My SQL replication are usually available in under a minute.She has built intelligence solutions for a variety of companies including Couchsurfing, Lycos,…Learn More Building your first data warehouse doesn’t have to be as enterprise-y and scary as it sounds, especially in the era of cloud services.This is a common mistake that happens when organizations get caught up in defining all data instead of the right data.

I’ve seen enterprise data warehouses that just contain a copy of original transitional data or have every table use 50 keys to uniquely identify records because there are too many different data sources being pulled in.A good first iteration of your warehousing environment is a simple architecture that we BI architects like to call an “Operational Data Store” (ODS).

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