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Calvin used Protestant principles to establish a religious government; and in 1555, he was given absolute supremacy as leader in Geneva.As Martin Luther's successor as the preeminent Protestant theologian, Calvin was known for an intellectual, unemotional approach to faith that provided Protestantism's theological underpinnings, whereas Luther brought passion and populism to his religious cause.Calvin lived in Geneva briefly, until anti-Protestant authorities in 1538 forced him to leave.He was invited back again in 1541, and upon his return from Germany, where he had been living, he became an important spiritual and political leader.: 10 July 1509 – ) was an influential French theologian, pastor and reformer during the Protestant Reformation.

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In the first five years of his rule in Geneva, 58 people were executed and 76 exiled for their religious beliefs.

Originally trained as a humanist lawyer, he broke from the Roman Catholic Church around 1530.

After religious tensions erupted in widespread deadly violence against Protestant Christians in France, Calvin fled to Basel, Switzerland, where in 1536 he published the first edition of the Institutes.

In the following year 24 heretics were burned at the stake.

For three years (1533 to 1536) he roamed France, Italy and Switzerland.Three figures would immediately suggest themselves as candidates for discussion.

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