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Once the software has downloaded, run the executable and follow the installation instructions.Once it is installed it might be useful to place a shortcut on the desktop (if it hasn't already) or even on the 'Quick Launch' bar. When you start Team Speak client, the following window will appear: Right now you are not connected to a server, so let's do this now. In the 'Server Address' box enter the IP of the server you wish to connect to.We at Multiplay offer Team Speak 3 as part of our game server packages, which is probably why you are reading this document! This guide will cover: This guide is not meant to be a complete guide to using Team Speak.If you want more information, then look at the FAQ section of the Team Speak website: you would like to rent a Team Speak 3 server, please check out our deals on TS3 servers.Visit the download page Assuming you are running a version of Microsoft Windows, you will need 'TS3 Client' 32 or 64 bit.Team Speak is completely freeware, so there is nothing to pay.The VATSIM UK Team Speak server is an official VATSIM communication medium, which means that all members are subject to the Code of Conduct and User Agreement. If you enter a room where there is controller co-ordination going on, or a group flight is being enjoyed, please do not interrupt the activity by playing music down the channel or by disturbing the room occupants by any other means.Members who choose to break our Team Speak house rules can be kicked or even banned from the server. VATSIM welcomes members aged 13 and we have a duty of care to protect our younger members from being exposed to bad language. We strive to encourage a positive community atmosphere to ensure the best enjoyment is had in our hobby. Please respect the rules for different room categories, as below.

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The values to link the domain to the Teamspeak server are the following: Service: _ts3 or _tsdns Protocol: _udp (for TS3) or _tcp (for TSDNS)Priority: 0Weight: 5Port: custom port Target: TTL: Our default TTL is 30 minutes, so you may leave this field unchanged.It is a great resource which is well used by the division.

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