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Teens, kids, adults, gays, lesbians, no matter what race or gender, anyone really can just connect and instantly talk to each other. Not only is it the #1 chat spot online because of the chat rooms but because the chatting rooms are always busy with hundreds of people chatting in one place. Following the rules listed are important because if you don't you can get banned permanently.This chat ave site is made similar to #1 chat avenue to complement it and provide information about the worlds favorite chat site. The websites home page states that they are moderated and administrated but they can not be online all day. Although #1 chat ave have adult and gay chats they are not of a mature nature.Free chat links and descriptions of the best chat sites on the web. #1 Chat Avenue - Free chat rooms for adults, singles, kids, teens and more. When you feel estranged from your adult children, experts advise looking at how you’re communicating with them. Frozen Trunk or Treat Ideas For Halloween, my daughter’s preschool did not have your everyday traditional Halloween party.Good happens there could be a boyfriend kind of guy but then things just get lost in translation and you wonder.It's all fun and games, plus you can get laid – it's pretty amazing!The original concept of Chatroulette remains – go from one random cam to another with the press of a button.The message board statistics for chat ave are as follows: 38,696 threads, 1,019,869 posts, 242,339 registered members, and 599 blogs. Chat Avenue was registered back in the year 2000, this makes the site one of the oldest online. Chat Avenue has many chat rooms and there are always many online users who are chatting on rooms of the site.

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Chat Avenue was originally established clear back in 1999, and it still maintains a sort of vintage old school design theme – definitely hasn’t been Web 2.0-ified.

As you may already know, the chat avenue website has many chat rooms and they also offer a forum. The private chat conversations you might have with someone else are not recorded either. Nudity for example is not permitted in any way and the conversations have to be "clean".

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