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Entering into a new relationship can be a challenge with or without a cancer diagnosis.

Dealing with the emotional and physical changes that may have come with your cancer diagnosis can add to the situation.

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If you are intrested in my story I have it here on the site. Peter Hawk I was wrong about having my story on site, I had tried to find a place to download it here but was unable to.

The lump would grow and shrink - but never went away. He said on my next PET scan (May 6) if there are any issues he would be in touch. Lehman had not yet seen them) and they are " - Post Op with Dr. He brought in the 6 biopsy results along with the CT Scan. And he "looked everywhere" including where the pet scan said to look – and nothing. He said it showed some issues, but normal issues (I don't recall his exact words) that either were there as part of my anatomy or due to the robotic surgery. And mostly - The above story is true, and as accurate as I can recall at this moment. I have been healed of HPV related tongue cancer that had matasticized to surrounding lymph nodes.

Sometime in early to mid 2011 I noticed a lump on the right side of my neck. given away some of my tongue, and 21 lymph nodes – and all I have to show for it is… He says "Sure" and takes a look using the thru the nose tube thingy. When they are all done their fun he explains that he see's nothing, and it all looks normal, but he is going to check to make sure. Lehman was involved in saving a persons life in emergency surgery. Was told "His nurse will call you back." which led to fear coming in. Lehman (ENT) - Florida Hospital / Central Florida locations Dr.

I figured it was a swollen lymph node from a cold or something. Lehman tells April that he could tell that my body was fighting it, as it had “encapsulated” the cancer. a long slice on the side of my neck that screams GOD IS GOOD!!!! Lehman When I saw the doc – he checked things out and then just kinda talked. Unfortunately the PET scan is showing what appears to be a recurrence. Sombeck states it looks like a tumor to him, but on the PET it shows more like inflammation. He also explains that during the laryngoscopy he can get a better look at things. We tell him thats a good reason for us to wait - and we are not complaining. Shortly after his nurse Amanda called and reminded me who she was and that she had not seen me last week and wanted to. Sombeck (RO) - Florida Hospital Cancer Institute / Florida Oncology Network Nurse Lindsay Best - Florida Oncology Network Lorrie Amadeo - Florida Hospital Cancer Institute Florida Hospital - Winter Park (TORS, ICU staff, Billing and financials, intake, etc etc) Lisa Gilligan - help with understanding everything. My wife April and my best friend Mike - for strength and encouragement.

In any case, when you start dating, it's best to focus on her anyway. In the 11 years it took to meet the right person, I found that I rarely thought about it when meeting someone new.

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Many people find that dating after a diagnosis of cancer can be a much different experience than before a cancer diagnosis.