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Besides a bed, and the aforementioned jacuzzi, Presidents also get a bathroom, a white marbled bathing area with plunge pool, a small disco floor with flashing lights and a dining room with a table laid, rather demurely, with china featuring British castles.White imitation leather armchairs are scattered about. One offering food and drink, the other a sex menu, aids and devices like vibrators, dildos, creams, lubricants and a seduction kit, as if that were really necessary. Yes, she thinks that Brazilians probably do have sex more often than most.Executives from the company noted that in recent months, as most legitimate users have moved from chat rooms to Instant Messaging (IM) for online chat, chat rooms have increasingly been filled with inappropriate content for children."We recognize that \[this inappropriate conduct and content\] is a common industrywide problem," MSN's Lisa Gurry said.Everything that's ordered is delivered through a hatchway so the staff, and there must be hundreds of them in the bowels of the Panda, never come into contact with the punters. An hermetically sealed village where no one knows anyone else's business. The heat, the beaches, the lack of clothes (or 'clothies' as she pronounces them rather endearingly) all create a need for places like this. She herself has used them and many of her friends as well.Luhanna, a tall, droll, affable girl, whose twenty-seventh birthday it is, has, for the past three years, been presenting a show on a late-night cable channel called Papo Calcinha, literally 'Panty Chat', in which she and two or three other girls talk 'about everything to do with sex'. The necessary secrecy may make for a rather sinister first impression, but the rooms are clean and comfortable and not expensive, and we both agree that it's much better to have sex above a car park than in a car park. At the top of the mountain is a statue of Christ the Redeemer spreading his arms out over us all.“Women can go the internet and mobilise,” she said.

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At the top of the steps leading from the garage a door opens to reveal a world of bright lights, mirrors and a softly gurgling jacuzzi.

Overcrowding in the prisons of the northeastern state of Pernambuco is especially dire.

The prisons hold more than three times as many inmates as their official capacity in conditions that are dangerous, unhealthy, and inhumane.

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Inmates in a windowless cell in the “punishment and transfer” area at Presídio Juiz Antônio Luiz L. Without bunks or mattresses, all 37 inmates in this cell sleep on the floor.

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