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Huestis and his team found photos of driver's licenses, checks, documents with social security numbers, personal pictures and videos, as well thousands of hours of audio recordings and emails detailing city security procedures.“It looks like there weren’t any steps taken to try to delete or hide anything,” Huestis said.“How tough would it be for someone who had bad intentions get one of these computers and get valuable information off them?” KHOU 11 Investigates asked.“It would be very easy,” Huestis said.For obliging, the site has promised Michael 500 credits to his profile, credits he’ll use to open locked messages from “Attractive” users. on a Thursday night at a chain restaurant in Toronto’s Fashion District, and from across the room Michael and Jessica appear to be your average dating couple with a small age gap. Michael, a Toronto entrepreneur working on getting a weight loss “nutraceutical” business off the ground, uses other conventional dating sites such as but hasn’t had much success.He has noticed he gets a better response from women on What’s Your Price, but he’s not really sure why.“For some reason it seems to interest females a bit more as opposed to regular dating,” he says.It was 2003 and she was at Sydney’s Manly Wharf Bar with her cousin (Prince Harry, no biggie).Mike Tindall was sitting at the bar and, well, it “went from there”.

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“I’m not selling myself in any way,” says 25-year-old Jessica, wearing a lacey corset and leather pants, all black, with red lipstick.If you're attractive, single, and broke, consider creating a profile on Whats Your Name your price, wait for the offers to come in, and haggle with the bidder until you've reached a deal.Take a look at video: The site’s creator Brandon Wade said that What’s Your Price was not a new concept – and that celebrities and firefighters have been participating in charity auctions for years.

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On Whats Your, dates go to the highest money bidder. Just when we thought dating services couldn't get more wacky than the one that tests your DNA for compatibility, someone had to create a website that allows members to bid on attractive users for a first date.

“With an average first-date offer of 5.20, the gay community clearly values every worthy chance at falling in love.” Below are Whats Your’s Top 10 cities with the most expensive average gay Pride dates.