Accommodating the kinesthetic learner

14-Oct-2019 22:45

When you think of learning styles, you probably think of These learning styles, more than being obstacles to fully standardized training, in fact reflect and represent the same differences that are valued and highly encouraged in other workplace functions; you would then do well to address these early in training.

This way, not only will the kinesthetic learners get to use their primary learning method, but everyone gets to have great fun while practicing English!

Many of the strategies that are useful for English language learners are effective for differentiating instruction for other students as well.

Use a variety of methods to see which work best with your teaching style and students.

In addition, the online environment lends itself to a less hierarchical approach to instruction, which meets the leaning needs of people who do not approach new information in a systematic or linear fashion.

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Online learning environments are used to their highest potential for collaborative learning when they complement many students' learning styles.The process need not be as complicated as it first appears, as long as the differences and basic characteristics of these styles are understood and kept at the back of the mind.