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Instead, the ACA allowed states to create government-run health care cooperatives that would be unmoored from the economic principles of profit-seeking and could compete with private insurers.

Twenty-four states exercised the option to create co-ops, but by the end of last year only four were still running.

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By right of the discoveries of Jean Verrazano (1524) and Jacques Cartier (1534-42) the French crown laid claim to all America north of the sphere of Spanish influence. Doughty, 1916, Project Gutenberg In 1603 the first systematic effort to found French colonies in America was made...

Colonial enterprise, however, did not thrive during the religious wars which rent Europe in the sixteenth century; and it was not until after the Edict of Nantes in 1598 that France could follow up the discoveries of her seamen by an effort to colonize either Acadia or Canada... — England in America, 1580-1652 by Lyon Gardiner Tyler, 1904, Project Gutenberg The French, who settled the St.

"Single-payer, I think we should have that debate as a nation," Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini told a group of employees at a meeting on Thursday, according to We had that conversation in 20 during the congressional debates on the Affordable Care Act.

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Progressives wanted the law to include a public option that would be run by the government and compete with private insurers, but there wasn't enough support for that to pass.In 2011, Vermont passed a law calling for the creation a state-wide single-payer health care system.